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Antistatic solvent dispenser

Antistatic solvent dispenser. Ideal for wide ranges of applications in the electronic industry as well as for chemistry and medical laboratories.
The main advantages are :
- Dispenses clean
- Prevents evaporation and contamination
- Suitable for most liquids like solvents, degreasers, oils
- Easy use
- Reduces waste
- Prevents fumes, accident and spillage
- ESD safe (electrostatic discharge)
- Surface resistivity 107 to 109 Ohm
- No charge generation, no fire or explosion ignition risk
- The "anti-splash" function prevents splashing, liquid back-flow and eye protection.

Volume : 120 ml.
Size : 50 x 50 x 80 mm.
Kg 0.076.
 MSA17.319  MSA17.319

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